Diego Moscoso

Diego Moscoso always knew that soccer was about more than just a game – it was a lifestyle. So in 2010, Moscoso – who was working as a designer at Marc Jacobs at the time – teamed up with nightlife guru Simonez Wolf to create a counterculture soccer collective where members could come together to play and share creative ideas. Given Moscoso’s design background, he outfitted the members with bespoke, World Cup-themed jerseys that brought a streetwear vibe the field. It wasn’t long before people were clamoring to get their hands on the kits. And so, Nowhere F.C. was born: a collective so-named because “We’re everything. We don’t have a national identity. This is New York. The city that’s as close as you can come to everywhere else in the world.” Since then, Nowhere F.C. has collaborated with leading athletic brands, launched pop-ups, and even helmed a coffee shop in New York’s Lower East Side.